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To establish: an embassy for the soul of the English-speaking world - its literature - in Mexico; an educational resource for Chilangos learning English and eager to explore the artistic reach of the language; a web-free, Kindle-less island of analog time in the digital sea; a community center for Commonwealth and American expatriates in the most exciting, vibrant and accessible city on Earth; an institution that will pay tribute to that city's magnificence with the best our native culture has to offer.


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Under The Volcano Books
Celaya 25
Col. Hipódromo Condesa
Distrito Federal
MEXICO C.P. 06100
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The Dream of the Cold War

Read UTVB founder Grant Cogswell's new book of poems from Publication Studio. Buy the e-book or hard copy, available now.

“A poet whose work I love. One of the few successful attempts to drag Whitman out to our remote coast and make him live in a dirty downtown hotel.” – Matthew Stadler

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Cash money for our Top 12

June 21, 2014

We’ve doubled the size of our most popular section – paperback fiction/biography/memoir – but we are always looking to keep our top-selling books in backstock. If you have some of our Top 12 lying around, come collect a sick amount of credit or cash for our most popular titles!

1.  Under the Volcano

2.  On the Road

3.  The Crying of Lot 49

4.  Infinite Jest

5.  A Visit From the Goon Squad

6. Selected Poems by Ezra Pound

7.  Blood Meridian

8.  Pale Fire

9.  Cosmopolis

10.  The Palm at the End of the Mind

11.  Ariel: Poems

12.  Underworld

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November 12, 2011

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The Real Mexico City with Grant Cogswell

Grant Cosgwell in The Real Mexico City
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