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To establish: an embassy for the soul of the English-speaking world - its literature - in Mexico; an educational resource for Chilangos learning English and eager to explore the artistic reach of the language; a web-free, Kindle-less island of analog time in the digital sea; a community center for Commonwealth and American expatriates in the most exciting, vibrant and accessible city on Earth; an institution that will pay tribute to that city's magnificence with the best our native culture has to offer.


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Celaya 25
Col. HipĆ³dromo Condesa
Distrito Federal
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Late opening on Saturday, April 30th

April 29, 2016

Due to the extended recovery time necessitated by the Legion Americana’s memorial tribute ‘The Purple Vigil: A Prince Night’, the store will open at 1 PM this Saturday, April 30th.

Latest Event

Devil’s Night II

Devil’s Night II
Saturday, October 31st 8 PM

Join us for our second annual SATANIC HALLOWE’EN party – no cover, but costumes are compulsory – and poets are declaiming their spookiest, most devilish work.

Dylan Brennan is the best new young poet I’ve read in many years. He’s an Irish immgrant, deeply immersed in the dark manifestations of contemporary Mexican life. Get ahold of his book, Blood Oranges, published by thepennydreadful.org, if you possibly can. He’ll be reading from an unpublished poem, EXORCISMO MAGNO, based on a strange and real event, an exorcism performed at the Vatican to cleanse the entire country of Mexico of demons.

Tim MacGabhann’s work can be found at MexicoCityLit.com. He has been a local stringer for the Irish Times and Al Jazeera. He presents a new poem, LA SANTA MUERTE.

Alejandro Mayagoitia is a local poet writing in Spanish who eschews publication for live oratory. His terrific, quiet and disquieting cycle of gay love poetry, VAMPIRICAS, will come out of the coffin for its debut at this event.

MC Vomitus Berzerkus has dabbled in the occult since losing his soul to Satan on a bet he could balance on a curb in Southern California when he was nine years old. In 2008 he provoked the interdimensional vengeance of Shub-Niggurath, “The Goat with 10,000 Young”, and sought refuge in the land of birrerias.