We are honored this July 3rd at 7 PM to present local translating phenom Julianna Neuhouser (Rebellion in Patagonia by Oswald Bayer (AK Press); The Iguala 43 by Sergio González Rodríguez (Semiotext(e)) with her new English translation of Field of Battle by Sergio González Rodríguez (Semiotext(e)).

The author, who died of natural causes on April 3, 2017, was a heavy metal rocker and journalist for Reforma who was widely recognized and won prizes in Germany and Spain for his brave coverage of the epidemic of femicides in Ciudad Juarez. Julianna produced the English translation of his groundbreaking book on the 43 disappeared students in Guerrero on the night of September 26, 2014, also published by Semiotext(e) and now has rendered into English González Rodríguez’s  Campo de guerra (2014), an examination of the social, political and economic roots of the narco war.

David Lida is the author of perhaps the best book in English about Mexico, First Stop in the New World: Mexico City, Capital of the 21st Century (Riverhead, 2009); a book of stories titled Travel Advisory (Morrow, 2000), and most recently, a novel, One Life (Unnamed Press, 2016) which brings the trauma of the migrant experience at our border into the horror of the American Gulag. David wrote the introduction to Julianna’s translation of Field of Battle and will appear in introductory fashion on the night as well.

Please join us on July 3rd at 7 PM.

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