Introducing… COFFEE

August 27th, 2012

Changes are afoot hereabouts: first we scheduled (if you can call it scheduling) drop-in English conversation classes, at a ridiculously low 100 pesos an hour – no appointment necessary; we’ve decided to cancel our weekly BYOB house parties – though we have some amazing one-time events forthcoming – because, well, I’m not running a speakeasy (ideas of literary community’ have always seemed a little fishy to me: writers and readers are a thorny, solitary breed, and the act of reading happens between a book and its borrower, and right, drunks are bad at buying books); starting next month we’ll be running a sweet little 30-peso cineclub screening unrecognized classics from the English and Spanish-speaking worlds (subtitled accordingly), but for now….

we’re selling coffee.

Tasty, rocket-fuel French-style put-the-milk-in-first presspot amazingness, at 20 pesos a cup. So come linger at your leisure – and once the rains are gone, our back terrace will be furnished for your studious extended stays or social appointments.

See you soon.

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