Slow your startled heart, the store is fine. We’ve got more customers, and more great books coming onto and leaving the shelves, than ever. The move to the upstairs of the American Legion was the best thing we ever did. Eternal kudos and thanks to my lady for suggesting what once seemed unlikely, even impossible. The task ahead of us right now is to maintain that high quality of our selection – we still give more credit than any store on Earth for used books so bring ‘em in -and to expand our informational reach to everyone in the Distrito Federal who can’t keep away from the orgy that is the literature of the English language.

So please, if you love the store and the reading experiences you’ve found here, let people know. Pass on the website link, share the Facebook page with your friends. Come by the American Legion Bar (beautifully refurbished by our friends Badger and Luis and still serving the best burgers south of the border). Our regular Thursday night bookstore parties will soon feature the songlist of Seattle’s late and legendary Bus Stop karaoke, hosted by yours truly.

We’ll be here for a long, long time, even after we’ve started our west coast expansion store – details slow to come. But what we do want to do is to address the situation we are all in now in regards to our time, and technology. I’ll hear a lot of alarm and counterargument on this, and I’m not above changing my mind, but it seems to me the time has come for a committed return to analog, off-line experience: what this store is essentially about, anyway. Unless you’re one of these freaks with masterful, ice-cold self-control, the internet and its devices are too often holding you hostage. We can’t see yet what exactly this is doing to our world and the way we experience it. I’ve long felt that we who watched the dawn of the web are like our grandparents’ generation was in regard to television, in helpless thrall.

I’m thinking now that we’ll keep our Facebook page, up there floating silent and frozen through the channels – and our website, which gets traffic every time some visitor, newcomer or student types ‘English books Mexico City’ into Google. But those will be our signs, swinging in the wind. If you want to know what we have currently in stock, you’ll have to come by. Order a drink at the bar, bend an ear to some of the amazing deejaying going on here these days, or come in the quiet daytime and simply sink into whatever volume catches your fancy. Soon there will be twice as much fiction here, because we’ve found a way to squeeze it in, and that is what captivates our friends. (I’ve been reading like a junkie lately, mainlining novels like I haven’t in twenty years.)

People will know we are here, with our eyes to the ground, to the page before us, listening and talking in the old style humans have since they first walked the Earth. Now tell me I’m a Luddite and a damned fool.

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